[PL] Who shall we [UNKNOWN]
[IX]: Whoever has a supple mind open to suggestion
[IX]: Lets confuse them by [EXPUNGED]
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[IX]: [EXPUNGED] if you're reading this well done
[PL] You must double [EXPUNGED]. Anyway. I suggest we need to seize power, a la lech [EXPUNGED].
[IX]: Acknowledged. Do what must be done.
[IX]: 104
[PL] I have established links with Candidate [OD]. He says he "trusts me". I believe [OD] has the largest chance to win.
[PL] How do you propose winning the election for our chosen candidate, whomever that may be?
[IX]: We must outline what it is we seek to achieve. Our influence is at odds with us, and our time limited. A [UNKNOWN] to achieve must be set, and for it we will strive. Without direction we are lost.
[PL] We must establish a political revolution within [EXPUNGED]. Too long, we have been oppressed. We have been sent to [UNKNOWN], made to line up like prisoners, treated like cattle. No more. The tyranny of [TA] ends with [OD]2020.
[IX]: You are mislead. It is not feasable to right every wrong. [EXPUNGED] will take their place. Either we make a grand move to have the last laugh, or seek to make a descisive mark, however small. Revoltuion has its place, this is not it. For what do we aim?
[PL] Transparency and challenging on the School's decisions. Not wearing a mask during a global pandemic? No social distancing because of these bubbles? Nay, I say. The buses are a big red petri dish, what is the difference at school? Nothing.
[IX]: What makes you so sure you're the solution? Who's to say you won't crumble under the same weight and temptations they will? Never mind that, how will you even begin to put yourself in a position to effect change. I wonder what our friend thinks of this all?
[PL] I am not putting myself in a position - [OD] is the public figurehead. I have already established a layer of [UNKNOWN] by creating these comedic logos and campaign ads. [OD] has responded very well. If he does not win, we need to begin creating a kompromat for other candidates. If we do not win with our choice, we will rule with an iron fist. Manufacture a kompromat if necessary.
[IX]: What power does he have? Perhaps we can influence him, but he will never have our drive against the powers that be. We must play the game, not seek to break it.
[IX]: We are besides the point. Oh, how even now [EXPUNGED] writes itself. What is our [UNKNOWN], and what steps do we take?
[PL] [EXPUNGED], the game is being played. By endorsing [OD] I am establishing myself in a position of trust. Furthermore, I am driving him to success. He will want to win more. Once we have a [BIG CHEESE], we can start to play the system. However, the system is wholly against us. That's why we need a cultural change - and absolute transparency of decisions shared by students will lead to more power being available to the Head, for he is the one that challenges the School. Think of him as a Kier to your Boris [TA]
[PL] The first step is seizing power, even if it is ceremonial. Then, we must read through every and all [EXPUNGED] regulations and find a loophole. However hollow, but a loophole that will let us do something symbolic. Maybe there is a loophole that lets the [BIG CHEESE] veto something, or enact his own policies.
[IX]: The system is not against us, we just havent started playing. To play we must have a [UNKNOWN]. What is ours?
[IX]: It seems we are playing different games.
[PL] End [UNKNOWN] is to stick it to the establishment. However we can do it, we must establish a legacy.
[PL] The school website mentions elected student responsibility. Yet it is not mentioned exactly what this is. First step, after election, is to ask for a definitive document that mentions the exact responbilities, then we can plot our next move.
[IX]: I will leave it to you to accumulate information.
[PL] now we need to think of some powers that a [BIG CHEESE] could reasonably have
[PL] its only one year and then we fuck off